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Being client has advantages, come and discover them

loyalty card

In November 2011 Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques created the loyalty card for customers and partners.

What is the loyalty card?

It is a personal and non-transferable document that allows the partner or customer benefit from attractive discounts and special promotions every fortnight of the month. These discounts and promotions are frequently found in the Terrall de Sant Isidre and they are posted on our website and our facebook site as well.

Who can apply?

  • Cooperative Partners
  • Customers of the Terrall de Sant Isidre

How to get it?

  • Download the application form here or collect it in the Secció de Crèdit
  • Fill and hand it in Secció de Crèdit
  • Within a week, you can go to pick it up in the Terrall de Sant Isidre and you can start using it from that very first moment.

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