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A banking service for our associated members

The credit section

The Credit Section of Cooperativa Sant Isidre is known for offering banking service to its members without charging them any maintenance fees.

Members can also deposit their wages, pensions or unemployment benefits, etc. and they can also transfer money to different bank accounts. In addition members are also offered the opportunity to dispose of a check book and credit cards (Agrocoop).

Furthermore, Secció de Crèdit is also a lending entity that provides funding to the members through four types of loan, the personal loan, the mortgage, the express loan and the overexploitation loan.

Members are offered two bank books. The current account bank book which can be used for the daily transactions such as: money compensations, monetary incomes, etc. and the fixed term bank books which offer a higher interest in return for leaving the money for a specific time frame.

insurance services

Following the policy of working for and serving our associated members and trying to expand assistance, Secció de Crèdit has consolidated the insurances section working with well-known companies, we offer the best conditions at a very competitive price.

We cover the following areas:

  • Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, tractors, trailers, etc.)
  • Home
  • Commerce
  • Life insurances
  • Accidents
  • Death insurance
  • Health

For further information do not hesitate to contact us through the office of the Credit Section or pone us on 973 14 07 87. We encourage you to check our budgets without any commitment.


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