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Utmost freshness, quality and packaging

Our fruits

Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques i Secció de Crèdit, SCCL is composed of 490 hectares of fruit in which we should highlight the high percentage of young plantations and new varieties. Quality controls and rigorous phytosanitary treatments are one of our best cover letters.
The fruit section of Sant Isidre covers modern storage facilities and cold storage offering our members space with a capacity of up to 7,000 tons of fruit in a controlled atmosphere.


Aware that innovation is fundamental, the cooperative has a modern sorting machine that allows you to select, calibrate and supply the product in optimum conditions of handling and storage.

Sant Isidre also opts for a proper relationship between supply and demand. As it regards to merchandising we have a wide range of containers. In terms of distribution, we expand both in the domestic market (with an offer that guarantees the demand for wholesalers, supermarkets and superstores) and internationally, where our presence is increasingly significant.

In the fruit section of Sant Isidre we also focus on the quality of the production process by investing in I + D and with a continual improvement, we think that these are the central axis for the full satisfaction of our clients.

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Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques, from the cooperativism and with a clear vocation for the members counselling, offers a wide range of services. To the already established fruit, oil and gourmet products sale, we must now add other possibilities such as:

  • Available for associated Members
    • Agricultural and fruit insurances.
    • Temporary Staff recruitment through temporary work agencies
    • Subsidies counselling and processing
    • Agricultural technical service (agricultural engineer).
  • Available for third parties
    • Normal cold storage rooms rental
    • Handling and fruit preparation service
    • Palots rental

For further information or if you wish to contract any of these services, call  973 142 950/54 ext.1

Varieties and calendar

Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques and Secció de Crèdit, SCCL fruit campaign starts in June and lasts until September, we start with a kind of pear called the limonera pear, and we end the campaign with apples and the later peaches.





We recommend

  • Extra virgin oil 5l

    New harvest 2021/22
    Extra virgin olive oil with protected designation of origin Les Garrigues

    27.00Add to basket

  • Oliorgànic oil Terrall, extra virgin organic oil 5l

    New harvest 2021/2022

    33.00Add to basket

  • Extra virgin oil 2l

    New harvest 2021/22
    Extra virgin olive oil with protected designation of origin Les Garrigues

    12.00Add to basket