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Advice, care and the product you need


The supply section of Sant Isidre de Les Borges Blanques is located in our facilities in the following adress: Av. Sant Jaume, s / n. In these facilities we offer our members the products needed to ensure the success of their production, in both the olive sector and nuts as well as in the fruit.

The members will also find professional advice from specialized engineers for the correct application of these products and the most appropriate treatments for each type of plantation or season. For their convenience, for example, we prepare briefing notes on which we give advice on which fertilizer to use depending on the season and period of the year.

Thus, our technicians and the staff responsible for supplies section are able to respond to the demands and needs of the farmers associated with Cooperativa Sant Isidre so that they have at their disposal whatever they need.

Pesticides, feed, tools, seeds and fertilizers play a part in this important area of our fruit section and the service is complemented by a section dedicated to the agricultural insurances.

Our environmental policies have led us to sign various cooperation agreements with non-profit entities, such as Sigfito, allowing us to be part of the Integrated Management System of empty containers through our collection point; This service allows our partners to meet their environmental obligations.







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