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Top quality fuel at the best Price

service station

The Gas station of Cooperativa Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques is on duty, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with high quality fuel at the best Price, 7 additives + Anti-freezing.

The Gas Station of the cooperative is open to everybody. It is equipped with the most innovating technology and it consists of security devices in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the service. We also have a microfiltration system that eliminates the impurities of the fuel so that the product is of a higher quality.

Fuel price 15/07/2021
DIESEL B 0,815 €/litre
DIESEL A 1,292€/litre
GASOLINE S/P 95 1,398€/litre


The car-wash area is located next to the gas station and it is also open for all the public, to whoever wants to wash their car.

The facility has been designed following the latest washing techniques, which include pressure hoses with long washing programmes that guarantee that the car is perfectly washed.





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