Multipurpose room

events room

In 2010, when the new installations were being designed and constructed, it was decided that a new modern, welcoming, innovating but especially multipurpose area had to be designed. An area able to accommodate all the activities organized during the year. The 105 square meters space is divided in three different parts which at the same time are linked to each other:

  • A main central and open room, 54 meters square and with space for 80 chairs, suitable for exhibitions, private or institutional events, etc. It is also equipped with a microphone, projector, a screen and computer installation. It is where the members general meeting is held.
  • A closed room, 48 square meters and space for 15 people, which holds the Governing Council meetings and which thanks to the private atmosphere it offers, it is specially designed for more business activities.
  • An equipped kitchen with all the household appliances, 20 square meters, modern and versatile, connected to the central chamber through a videoconference system which allows to carry out and follow cooking workshops on the premises, for instance.

The tree spaces, which offer Wi-Fi access and they are also equipped with projection and sound systems, can be rented jointly or separately, according to the nature of the activity to be held To that end, you must contact with the credit section, via the phone number 973140787 or via email The prices are as follows:

  • meeting room
    • Full day, 300 euros
    • Half-day, 180 euros
  • large room
    • Full day, 500 euros
    • Half-day, 280 euros
  • kitchen
    • contact for price

These prices do not include VAT (21%) and can be negotiated according to the contracted services. Cooperativa Sant Isidre also offers, in case needed, caterings for breakfasts, conventions, etc.

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