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cooperation and enthusiasm in our work

In the name of Cooperativa Sant Isidre and mine, I bid you all a warm welcome. By having a look at these pages you can get access to the information about an entity which, since its foundation in 1912, has consolidated its cooperative project thanks to the well-done work and to the effort of several generations, becoming a referent in the oil and fruit production within our region and country.

The results prove that our way of working and the values we want to transmit are the ones needed in the future: in the last years, the extra virgin olive oil elaborated by Cooperative Sant Isidre has been given several awards which add even more value to our product. Notable among these is the Aceite Virgen Extra afrutado verde amargo award in the 14th Fair of les Garrigues in 2011. Moreover, in March 2010 we were proud to launch the new amenities in the Agrotienda, the conference hall and the credit department in charge of The Right honourable Sir Joaquim Llena. This is another sample of the results obtained with the work and support of our associated members, workers, members of committee and our customers.

The Cooperative bases its activity in two main areas: the oil and the fruit. it works under the brand known as Terrall which sells the extra virgin oil, with protected denomination of origin Les Garrigues, extracted from the arbequina olive trees which are cultivated by our associated members. The associated members also cultivate apples, pears, peaches, tangerines, plums and cherries. I cannot refrain from citing another key cornerstone in the management of Cooperativa which at the same time develops a social role: our Credit section, where the associated members bank their savings, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your savings will be well managed, and through it they also do all the necessary banking arrangements.

Likewise, Cooperativa is compromised with its customers. Because satisfying the necessities of our consumers is our main aim and we want this to be reflected in the final product. We are convinced that our customers look for and appreciate these values, and that they feel proud, as we do, to be able to take part in the project of some farmers that one day decided to pursue the sustainability of the sector, of its surroundings and region, offering their products directly to the consumers.

I want to encourage our associated members one more time to continue working with the same enthusiasm and continue producing excellent olives thanks to their experience, taking advantage of the benefits that the new technologies offer us when applied to the land. Thanks to all the people that have believed and still believe in our project and our values which are represented by the products we offer.

In this website you will find all the information concerned to the activities realized in Cooperativa Sant Isidre, and the objectives and values of our institution too. I kindly invite you to browse these pages in order to discover and interact with our community.

Mario Bordell Vila
President of Cooperativa Sant Isidre

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