D. Ramon Arqués Arrufat foundation

we promote Social and cultural projects

From the former Caja Rural to the current Secció de Crèdit we have always been faithful to the policy promoted by Ramon Arqués Arrufat because he strongly believed in the social and cultural projects. The economical collaborations in the organisation of different sardanista meetings and appropriations aimed to Cáritas Parroquial, Las Hermanitas de los pobres, and children’s Sanatorium Sant Joan de Déu de Calafell.

Concurring with the 50th anniversary of its foundation, Caja Rural convened the Ramon Arqués Arrufat awards, worth 25000 pesetas (150 euros), to the best biographical study. The awarded project had to be historical and scholar, with a high research nature so consequently and due to the low quality of the presented projects, despite the media coverage, the prize was not awarded.

From Caja Rural we have always taken into account, the importance of understanding our associated members and the importance of doing different activities promoting the reunion. In this sense, it must be emphasised that in 1959 the Caja Rural day was introduced.

In Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques we encourage children to save, that is why, since 1950 we have been carrying out an initiative that consists of rewarding children, aged between 0 and 14 years, who realise a monthly bank imposition (with a minimum of 12 impositions per year) with a book adapted to their age. This book is given during the patronal feast. There is also a special prize to the child that has done the biggest amount of impositions.

As to elderly people refers, from Secció de Crèdit we should highlight three initiatives. On the one hand, our associated members who are 80 years old are given a life-long pension and on the other hand, during the celebration of the patronal feast the octogenarian members are given a gift specially designed for them. Finally, the members who deposit their pension in our banks are also given a gift.

Finally, trying to encourage people to save and coinciding with the Christmas holidays, all our members who have kept a specific annual balance are given a Christmas bonus.

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