Oli Verd, Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil Terrall 2 L


Low filtered

Limited edition extra virgin arbequina olive oil

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Low filtered

Extra virgin arbequina olive oil with protected designation of origin Les Garrigues

Extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from arbequina olives and obtained only through mechanical procedures. Cold extraction. It a special oliveoil, because it’s first to be obtained from harvests of the season.

With an intense green color and a unique flavor that makes it unique. Rich in natural antioxidants.

Maximum values:

  • Acidity degree: 0,2º
  • Peroxides: 15 meq 02 / kg
  • Ceres: 250 mg / kg
  • Homegrown 2022/23

Sold in a 2l tin

Disponible durant el procés de molturació d’olives.

El ingrediente que
no puede faltar en la buena cocina