London International Olive Oil Quality Competition 2023

For the second year in a row we have won a medal at the INTERNATIONAL QUALITY COMPETITION OF OLIVE OIL IN LONDON held on 30 May.

This year we have been awarded with the gold medal in the quality contest for our brand TERRALL de Sant Isidre DOP Les Garrigues. This award allows us to consolidate our extra virgin olive oil in international competitions and to recognise the good work done by our farmers and colleagues and to show the world that we are totally committed to quality, taking care of the whole process, from the field to the bottle. TERRALL de Sant Isidre continues to be a quality guarantee brand for our customers.

"L’oli Terrall de Sant Isidre,
l’ingredient que no pot faltar a la bona cuina"

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El ingrediente que
no puede faltar en la buena cocina