orders and refunds

Incidents during transportation

We watch the quality of the packaging so that the products  arrive at home in perfect condition, but if some box arrives stained and it seems clear that some bottle has broken do not accept it. The carrier will return it to us and we will promptly send you a new order with no shipping costs at the replacement.

Product returns

Our products are produced under European regulations, but we understand that perhaps there is a customer that does not satisfy our product, so  you  can return for a period of 15 days. It is essential that the containers (bottles, cans, bottles, bottles …) have not been opened and maintain their guarantee seals. Once they arrive at our premises we will proceed to return the amount of the product that is returned, the amount of the port of return is paid by the customer.

Defective product

If you open a container and believe that the product is not in optimal conditions we would appreciate you to call the phone 973 142 950 or write us to the email info@terrall.es to explain the problem and we will solve it properly as the case may be.

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