IFS Food (International Featured Standards)

This March we have obtained the certificate of compliance with the IFS (International Featured Standards) Food standard, which, as the meaning of its acronym indicates Is an international standard that evaluates the compliance of products and processes related to food safety and quality. It is a standard of continuous and constant improvement in each of the product’s production phases.

With the IFS certification, our extra virgin olive oil is not only safe and of high quality, but also reliable,as it goes beyond complying with the legal requirements and is a tool for differentiation that requires a high organisational level and a very demanding process control.

The level of demand is reflected in the fact that we are the only mill in Lleidato have obtained it and one of only two in Catalonia. We certify the entire process from the moment the olives enter the mill until the oil is sold, giving a total guarantee that the oil we produce and sell is safe, legal, of high quality and meets the customer’s specifications.

This standard is an essential step towards gaining access to supermarkets, not only at a European level but also worldwide, boosting the Cooperative’s business reputation and achieving a differentiated position in the market.

"L’oli Terrall de Sant Isidre,
l’ingredient que no pot faltar a la bona cuina"

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El ingrediente que
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